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Behaviour Management

We believe that it is the responsibility of all staff to communicate with young people about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Support Worker And Young Person Talking To Resolve Confrontation

It is the responsibility of staff to maintain safe and appropriate boundaries with and between staff and young people. Consistency and fairness are key ingredients to developing a safe and positive atmosphere.

The team also believes that methods of control, restraint and discipline can only have the desired impact within the context of positive relationships existing between staff and young people.

Communication, negotiation and mediation are important skills that the team will use to help young people to address unacceptable behaviour.

Within this overall context, the emphasis and aim of the team is to promote, acknowledge and reward positive behaviour.

Although the emphasis at Area Camden is on safe and consistent approaches within the context of positive relationships and rewarding positive behaviour, there are times when sanctions and reparations are deemed necessary, however the home does not believe in benefit of sanctions, therefore these are rarely used, if any.


At Area Camden the following sanctions/reparations are used:

Extra Unit Task

Making good wherever possible criminal damage, for instance, by re-painting walls, removing graffiti. Wherever possible the Police are not involved in issues of criminal damage except in extreme circumstances.


If a young person misuses money that has been agreed for a particular purpose (a haircut, bus-fare/ train-fare/taxi-fare, clothes), an agreed Amount is paid back each week. This will never be more than two-thirds of the total pocket money.

Pocket money can be spent under supervision as part of harm reduction program if this has been identified as a risk, with an agreement from the Local Authority.

In using any of the above, young people should always know why certain behaviours are unacceptable. It is hoped they will understand why the sanction was used and will take steps to address the issue.

Any of the sanctions used above will be recorded and monitored by the registered manager. The restraint of a young person is in no way part of sanctions or punishment. There are occasions when the use of restraints may be necessary but this will only be used if the young person is likely to seriously injure themselves, others or the property.

Staff receive physical intervention and breakaway training. All restraints and physical interventions will be clearly recorded and monitored by the Manager. Debriefs will be held with all parties involved.