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Area Camden staff team will be constantly vigilant and aware that bullying can be present in residential care, and that it causes great misery for the victim.

Discrimination on the grounds of sexuality, ethnic origin, belief system or gender, will not be tolerated at Area Camden.

Any incident of bullying will be reported to the young person’s Social Worker regardless of whether they are the victim or perpetrator.

Bullying in any form whether verbal or physical will not be tolerated at Area Camden.

As part of the initial assessment process, the issue of bullying will be discussed with each young person admitted to the home and it will be made clear that bullying behaviour, whether verbal or physical, will be challenged and if habitual, could lead to the cessation of the placement.

The policy clearly defines bullying and identify the ways in which it can be identified.

Area Camden will put the following measures in place:

On the first occasion of any bullying behaviour or offensive language, stall will discuss with the young person the full implications of what they have said and future consequences. The young person involved in the bullying behaviour will be asked to apologies and a record of the incident will be recorded in their daily records.

If repeated bullying behaviour is witnessed then the staff team will address the issues at the weekly meeting, so that everyone is aware of what is happening. Following this, a meeting will be set up with the individuals concerned and the matter will be talked through. Staff will facilitate this meeting. Actions to repair the situation will be formulated within a set time period.

If the behaviour persists then the Registered Manager will become involved and the matter will form part of the young person’s review. If this behaviour continues, then the home will consult with the child’s Social Worker and the placement will risk being terminated.

If the bullying leads to physical violence the Police will become involved.

For all instances of reported bullying, the process will be the same if the allegations are investigated thoroughly and found to be true.

Area Camden acknowledges the possibility of false accusations out of spite. We believe however that all allegations of this nature are taken seriously.

Any instances of bullying will be dealt with and recorded. Instances of racism will be dealt with seriously and immediately. Persistent incidents of racism could lead to a young person being asked to leave our provision. Bullying will be regularly discussed at team meetings and at young people’s meetings.