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We believe that it is extremely important for young people to be actively encouraged and supported in their choice of recreational and cultural activities and the promotion of leisure, sport and cultural activities for young people.

Wherever possible outdoor activities will be encouraged, we believe that team building and group activities help promote self-esteem and help those in our care can grow in confidence.

We will involve each member of their household to be actively involved in planning these activities.

Area Camden will give its full support to educational activities and visits. Specific trips to educational attractions (such as the Science Museum) can be built into the educational syllabus for the year.

Area Camden will make a full risk assessment to ensure the safety and the suitability of each recreational activity. Any private club leaders or tutors will need to be vetted thoroughly before the activity can be permitted.

Arts and crafts activities are promoted within Area Camden and all young people have access to the Internet but access is made as safe, legal, and age appropriate as possible.

DVD’s can be rented as requested with appropriate age certificate.

During school vacations, holidays and outings will be planned with the young people.

Each young person’s birthday will be celebrated according to the wishes of the individual concerned. Some will find birthdays very difficult and we will discuss with them the most appropriate way to mark the occasion. If it is possible, we will try to arrange a family contact visit for the young person, should they wish for us, to do so.

Young Person Celebrating Their Birthday

Religious & Cultural Celebrations

If a young person does not wish to celebrate Christmas for religious or cultural reasons then Area Camden will mark the appropriate celebration for that young person at the correct time of the year. In this way the children will experience a range of celebrations.

Area Camden will consult with a young person’s family to facilitate religious observations including attendance at Services, following any dietary requirements and any religious rituals a young person may wish to partake in.

If a young person does not wish to take part in an activity then Area Camden will make alternative arrangements for them where possible.

We will discuss with the young person, the reasons why they did not wish to participate so that we can assure ourselves that there are no underlying issues to be concerned about in their actions.

Young Person Attending Church Service