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Education and Care Planning

We believe that education is essential for intellectual, social, emotional and physical development and can be a stable factor in the young person’s life.

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Our commitment to the children and young people on admission is:

  • Give priority to obtaining a full education history including statutory Personal Education Plan (PEP), and EHCP, where applicable.
  • Make immediate contact with education provider and identify appropriate contact person, e.g. the Designated Virtual Head, Teacher or Head of Year within each school
  • Obtain copy of school times, individual timetable and homework timetable
  • Ensure earliest possible attendance for those with current education provision
  • Check uniform requirements, including PE kit and immediately provide missing items
  • Ensure child/young person is fully equipped with school bag and necessary equipment
Young Person Doing Homework On The Sofa

Our commitment is to ensure education stability and progress will include:

  • Maintaining an accurate record of attendance, punctuality, homework and behaviour.
  • Regular checks on academic achievement and progress.
  • Provision of a suitable, resourced education/ homework area/facility
  • Supervision and personal interest in homework
  • Attendance at parent’s evenings and other school events
  • Promotion of extra curriculum activities
  • Encouragement in use of libraries
  • Development of personal interest outside of school

For all children and young people not in school/ education provision we will:

  • Provide a structured day of education/practical activities in-house or externally
  • Work with all relevant agencies to secure future full-time education provision
  • Encourage use of libraries and development of personal interests.

General Care Planning

Each young person will be entitled to the following services

  • A Doctor who will be able to facilitate and meet their needs
  • Other specialist medical practitioners as required
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • School placement

Each young person’s individual file will contain details of the following

  • Their medical history
  • Details of yearly medicals
  • Details of specific treatments, medication routines or therapies
  • Specific medical conditions with details of necessary preventative measures
  • Allergies and reactions to foodstuffs and/or medication
  • Dental health records
  • Optician records
  • Hearing records
  • Records of developmental checks
  • Involvement of parents/significant others in health issues
  • Written records of any medication administered; illnesses or accidents during the placement
  • Details of health related advice and guidance given to the young people
  • Medical consent form