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Child Protection

Area Camden will work in accordance with all guidelines set, to ensure that safeguarding issues are maintained as a top priority for the staff at the home.

A Risk Assessment will be undertaken with each young person and this will be regularly reviewed and monitored as part of the placement planning process.

The assessments will cover all aspects of behaviour and history that might cause a risk to the young person or to others. Each Risk Assessment contains a Risk Management plan; to be followed by staff at all times. Risk assessment and management plans will be updated regularly, at statutory reviews and after specific risk events.

All members of staff will have good working knowledge of Area Camden’s Safeguarding procedures. All staff members will receive access to Area Camden’s safeguarding procedures and guidance to staff.

All staff will receive training by a competent provider, to ensure that they are aware of safeguarding issues within a residential setting. This training will take place during the induction process when members of staff commence work.

Support Worker Completing A Risk Assessment

All new staff will be competent in the assessment and monitoring process for young people placed within Area Camden.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances of the young people who live at Area Camden will again be subjected to review.

Where possible, internet access will be monitored with any computers subject to staff checks. There is internet restrictions installed in the home. Staff will have knowledge of the eSafety policy and will be afforded with relevant training on this.

All young people within the home will be protected from discrimination and bullying by our anti-discrimination and anti bullying policies. Young people will be protected from physical danger within the home through thorough risk assessment as outlined in the health and safety policy.

Any child protection issues that arise will be reported to the Designated Safeguarding Officer immediately and appropriate action will be taken. A member of staff receiving a disclosure will not be permitted to ask leading questions. Only open-ended questions will be asked. Staff are also aware that it is inappropriate for them to make false promises of confidentiality since the information will need to pass to the correct authorities.

Staff will be required to report to the Manager, and the Police any evidence of a child or young person’s involvement in sexual exploitation and no unauthorized person will be allowed contact or be allowed to pick up the young person either inside or outside the home.

Staff will have good working knowledge of Area Camden procedural guidelines on safe practice when working with young people.

Child protection and safe practice will be a key element of supervision and team meetings.

The Registered Manager will work in conjunction with other agencies with regards to safeguarding children to ensure that an inter-agency approach is maintained and that the home is not operating in isolation. Local interagency protocols on prevention and investigation of child abuse or sexual exploitation will be followed.


The CCTV cameras are used in accordance with our CCTV policy which is available on request, relevant consent is sourced from Social workers, Young people, and parents where appropriate during the admission process. There are CCTV stickers at the front exterior of the building to alert the public and any visitors to it’s presence and use. CCTV cameras are not used to supplement or replace staffing.

Another form of electronic surveillance used at Area Camden is if a young person is electronically tagged as part of a court imposed sentence. In this instance the appropriate surveillance equipment is installed at Area Camden and staff will have no responsibility for it.

Staff will closely monitor young people, who are deemed at particular risk, such as drug use and/or self-harm. Where there are concerns that these risks are jeopardizing the safety of the placement at Area Camden, a disruption meeting will be convened to discuss how the risks can be minimised.

If staff needs to enter a young person’s room to checkon their safety, this will always be done with two staff members and recorded. In the circumstances where there are reasonable grounds for believing that there is a risk to the child’s or another person’s safety or well-being, an immediate entry, or room search may be necessary.

Surveillance Camera Outside

Arrangement when young people go missing

The team at Area Camden believes that a young person’s safety and welfare is of paramount concern. It is therefore our priority to do everything possible to ensure the safe return of a young person.

Young people who go missing from the placement without authority will be reported to the Metropolitan police in accordance with the Philomena Protocol, in line with the joint responsibility agreement with the home, the placing authority and local police.

The policy requires a young person to be reported missing if they have not returned by an agreed time. Area Camden staff will make every effort to locate the young person and will contact the relevant agencies if they cannot.

The missing child or young person’s information will be passed to the police. All appropriate people (e.g. family, social worker) are informed of the unauthorised absence.

It is also part of the team’s working philosophy that when young person goes missing, there is a reason for this. The team therefore aims to work with the young person to prevent them from going missing in future by identifying the causes for this behaviour.

On returning from a missing episode, a young person’s safety is a paramount concern and staff will always check that the young person is safe and well.

Each young person at Area Camden will be given clear instructions about unauthorised absences.
Each young person’s missing episode will be documented in the home’s individual missing report.

Should the young person fail to return by the agreed time, staff will follow the agreed care plan and missing protocol.

The Police, the placing authority, the parents (where appropriate) will then be contacted.
Each young person have individual grab pack, that includes, if possible an up to date photograph. The information in the Grab Pack will be shared with the police.

When found, staff will work together with the Local Authority to ensure the young persons safe return home.
The unauthorised absence will be discussed with the young person and appropriate action will be taken. The action will be specific to the incident and the young person’s legal status.

Written records will be kept for all instances of unauthorised absence and will form part of a young person’s review. All staff members will be made aware of the procedure for unauthorized absence

Fire precautions

Each house has a fully operational fire alarm system with smoke detectors. Each landing and all communal/office spaces are equipped with H20 and C02 fire extinguishers. There is a fire blanket in the kitchen to cover electrical and oil fires.

Fire safety equipment is subject to regular inspection by fire officers. When equipment has been used or damaged arrangements are made for its immediate replacement. Young people and staff will be included in fire drills and evacuations.

The staff team also discusses the issues of fire and building safety with young people at regular intervals or indeed when particular issues arise.

Young people are made aware of the danger of smoking or using matches and lighters in their bedrooms and therefore why such use is not permitted in bedrooms. The fire procedures are displayed all around the home.