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Area Camden is committed to providing excellent standards of care for all the young people who live in the home. To promote this level of excellence it is the company policy that all staff members will be qualified to required level of relevant Qualifications relating to their roles.

No staff member will be permitted to commence working at Area Camden until full-enhanced DBS check has been received and follow government legislation in regards to this. Suitable references, written and telephone, will also have been received and approved.

Area Camden resource a robust annual training programme which consists of both mandatory and additional supplementary training to enable staff to meet their duties as per their job descriptions. Training needs will be monitored through the supervision, training matrix and appraisal process.’

Staff development is seen as part of an on-going process that includes:

  • Child Protection/ safeguarding
  • First Aid
  • Food Hygiene
  • De-escalation and Breakaway
  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Administration of Medication

Any agency staff that we use will also need to supply proof that all staff have been vetted to the same level before staff can work at Area Camden. Area Camden will be staffed 365 days per year on a 24-hour basis. Staffing cover will be confirmed.

Staff High Fiving At A Training Session

The Registered Manager works between the hours of 08:00am – 05:00pm Monday – Friday with a rostered 24 hr on call allocation between Manager and Deputy Manager in the case of Emergencies and Contingencies.

In the event of sickness or emergencies the Registered Manager will have a staffing contingency plan, which will identify suitable individuals who can cover in these eventualities. If no cover can be found, it is the responsibility of the Registered Manager to help to cover the shifts themselves whilst alternative arrangements are sought.

If agency staff are required, they must be vetted and DBS checked. All efforts will be made to ensure that consistent staff from agency are used to promote continuation of care provided to children in the home.
Area Camden will actively seek to recruit both male and female staff to ensure that the young people in our care, experience the benefits of mixed gender roles in the care environment.

Area Camden has maintenances contractors that have a team of builders, qualified electricians and safe registered heating engineers, these contractors would be called on should there be any problems (heating, electrical, general wear and tear etc.) which will mean there should be no disruptions to the care of the children.

All young people will be allocated a key worker. A major emphasis in the role of the key worker will be to offer the child or young person a level of day-to-day continuity. Every effort will therefore be taken to ensure the greatest levels of staff continuity possible.

Staff absence, through holiday or sickness will be roistered as carefully as possible to minimize any disruption to the provision of care at Area Camden.

Supervision & appraisal

Supervision is a vital part of supporting, managing and developing the staff team. It is statutory and departmental requirement that staff both receive and take part in the supervision process.

Supervision is provided by the allocated supervisor in line with The Children’s Homes Regulations 2015. All staff will be provided a regular formal supervision. Supervision sessions will be recorded and staff will be required to read and sign their notes, which will then be placed on the staff members file.

All staff will undertake a Performance/Probation review with their supervisor at the end of the six month probation, which reviews progress over the previous 6 months and sets personal work targets and actions for the coming 6 months, or if there are issues regarding performance it is increased, and clear targets and actions are set.

Staff recruited at Area Camden can expect the company’s full commitment to their training and development. Staff training will take the form of internal and external courses staff will be encouraged to gain relevant qualifications. Their development will be monitored through staff appraisals, continual professional development is encouraged and promoted.

The young people at Area Camden will be made aware of the levels of accountability within the staff team and will understand whom they can approach if they have a grievance or complaint.

Two Staff Members Laughing During Supervision